Saturday, August 4, 2007

First Post


Well, Hi! My name is peacechick1 and this is my blog. My brief likes are English, roses, theater, comedy, art, music, cooking, and playing the drums. People I admire are my mom, dad, my brother (sometimes), and my grandparents. My first post will be about my weekend. First I got a call from my dad saying, "Do you want to make 20 bucks the hard way?"

Of course being a girl and liking shopping of course I said yes. Here was my job to cut out 20 sheets of little teeny houses for a game he will be hosting and glue them together, AND paint large (54mm) swordfighting guy soldiers, and other painting chores. Well at first I thought this will be easy money.

Boy was I wrong!

It was hard cutting all the little details. and folding,and gluing. I am getting used to the nauseating smell of tacky glue. But thats how it is. Peace, Love, And Niceness

till next time,